The 2017 UK Tasar association compass rule change vote

Below is the wording from the World Tasar Council (Class Association) for the proposed rule change. All members of the UK Tasar association are eligable for a single vote. (ie: Helm and Crew having one vote each). All members at October 2017 are eligable to take part in this vote.
Underneath the vote statement is a web form to complete to send in your vote.
If you are not currently a member of the UK Tasar association and wish to join in order to vote then please use the "contact us" form from this web site.

Proposed Tasar Class compass rule change:

Due to advancement of technology and availability of features in compass products available on the market, it is proposed by the class measurers to modify the class rules that govern them. Further, the current Tasar class compass rule is not clear enough for class sailors to identify whether a compass is legal. The following options are proposed as a replacement to rule C.2.2. (g) and lnterpretation 32:

Option 1:

Modify the rule to incrementally increase the restriction:
(a) One compass mounted on any part of the deck or the cockpit is permitted if the hull cavity is not pierced by anything other than the fasteners. Compasses may not be fitted to inspection ports. An additionalwrist mounted compass is permitted. Electronic, selfcontained, digitalcompasses using only magnetic input are permitted.
(b)Timing devices are permitted.
(c)A timing device and electronic compass may be integrated in the same device.
(d) A compass or timing device must not be capable of displaying, delivering, transmitting, receiving, calculating, correlating or storing information about wind speed, wind direction, boat speed or boat position.

Option 2:

Modify the rule to allow GPS function:
The following optional equipment may be used so long as it is generally commercially available:
(1) electronic or mechanicaltiming devices.
(2) one magnetic or electronic compass showing only information relating to heading,speed,current or elapsed time.
(3) one GPS device showing only information relating to heading, speed, current or elapsed time.
Devises which incorporate functions other than those listed in items 1 to 3 above shall not be fitted to the boat or carried by a crew member.
To aid in assessment, a list of commercial devices deemed to conform to this rule will be maintained by the WTC and published on the website.

Option 3:

No Change

Please tick your chosen option and fill in the boxes below so that we can verify your vote: (We will publish the results at the end of November, before submitting to the World Tasar Council.)
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